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Anand Mishra

Anand Mishra, with a Bachelor's Degree of Engineering, who specializes in Computer Science, is currently CEO of Star Infranet, registered trademark of Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited. His previous working experience includes senior management positions, as well as consulting a top travel agency in India.

Having a professionally created and designed digital space is of great importance, because it helps companies build their reputation and expand their business. A great example is the advancement of the India News and NewsX channel's digital space, owing to Star Infranet's expertise. Needless to say, the director himself had a major role and without his knowledge, the project wouldn't be conducted in such a professional manner. Moreover, his determination and ambition helped improve the team and successfully complete all the projects such as building the digital space for all divisions of the ITV Network.

The company started working without funding for one year and during the second year of working, they were funded by India News. It wasn't easy, but the determination and hard work paid off, and the company started to profit in the fourth year.

In 2010, Anand Mishra founded and became the director of Star Infranet, the registered trademark of Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited. Soon after that, he has managed to successfully launch online divisions for leading channels. Also, one of the remarkable projects is developing the digital space for the worldwide famous newspaper, The Sunday Guardian.

Currently, the team is working on opening a chain of hotels in the National Capital Region of Delhi. Moreover, his next projects include strengthening the existing ones.

Anand Mishra started programming at the age of 17 and, after just a few years, he was recognized as a young entrepreneur. Today, except for being CEO, he is a recognized expert in the IT industry and is an active member of ISKCON. Furthermore, he always claims that there wouldn't be any successful outcomes if there wasn't for the highly qualified team of experts he had with him.


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