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Yoga Guru Vs Parliamentarians

May 4, 2012 at 5:28 am

Parliamentarians were hurt by Ramdev’s latest comment calling them “illiterate”, “robbers” and “murderers”. The media reports were full of reactions from various political parties on the yoga guru’s comment stating it an insult of the Parliament and the parliamentarians.

However if one goes by the track record of the parliamentarians out of 209 there are criminal cases against 162 of them , is this not a insult of India’s highest authority . The Yoga guru tried to make up by clarifying that some good people were also there in Parliament and he respected them but the politicians were amused and want some strict action against him.

What happens when these politicians waive off money in the Parliament or slap a leader like Azmi amidst the proceeding no one take these instances as a insult to the Parliament . But if an outsider like Kejriwal and Ramdev speaks against them this is an insult to the parliament. Is this the way Indian democracy works or this country only belongs to the politicians where the common man has no rights to speak against the wrong doings.

Why the Government is not considering quick deposal of cases against the MPs ? why is a criminal allowed to become a MP and attend the proceedings of the Indian parliament. The numbers have increased despite the elections commissioners’ strict warning of debarring criminal from contesting elections.  The Indian Parliament does not get offended when criminals walk through freely rather it gets offended when people call them criminals.

CWG-a Blot on The Country

May 3, 2012 at 4:48 am

Another fresh case has been filed in the CWG scam. The matter pertains to the construction of synthetic tracks in five stadiums.  The CWG 2010 was marred by many controversies and scams in the preparation and even led to the arrest of politicians like Suresh Kalmadi. He was arrested for  awarding illegal contracts to a Swiss firm for Timing-Scoring-Result (TSR) system for the games which caused an overall loss of  Rs 95 crore.

A shameful event which tarnished India’s reputation in front of the whole world is back in news with some major developments. The CBI had raided 20 locations across the NCR, Kolkata and Siliguri in connection with the latest scam related to CWG causing a loss of Rs 30 crores to the exchequer.

It was perhaps for the first time in the world when such corruption occurred during the preparation of such mega event. Surrounded with charges of corruption, dubious contracts and poor execution of various projects, the games brought much shame to the Country and also to the politicians of the Country. The golden opportunity of looting the tax payers money during the games was shared among the contractors, the agents the politicians and the mediators of the deals. But still no strict action has been taken against anybody involved in the disaster. The recent controversy over the synthetic tracks may roll in some big names involved in this scam.

The money sanctioned for the games were distributed among these high profile politicians and the end results were poor quality of construction and infrastructure work at the games venue.

Paul’s Hostage Crisis May End Soon

May 2, 2012 at 4:49 am

The drama on the abduction of Sukma Collector may come to an end soon. The Maoist has taken the Indian Government for a ride in these 10 days. Finally the meeting held between the mediators and the maoist is showing some results and the maoist can leave Paul in another few hours.

But the main question here is why anybody can take the Indian government for granted for example the Khandamal plane hijack where the Governement had to leave the wanted terrorist for the safety of the hundreds of passengers in the aircraft. The same terrorist who was left gave us the 26/11 gift. Similarly rounds of meeting between the Government and the maoist are being held to leave the 32-year-old collector, who was abducted on April 21.

This time the maoist have demanded to release the prisoners in Chattisgarh jails. Going by the latest updates on this matter the government has agreed to set up a high-powered committee under the chairmanship of Nirmala Buch, one of the two government mediators, to review the cases of all prisoners languishing in Chattisgarh jails including the cases demanded by the Maoists.

Despite rounds of meeting there has been no concrete solution on when the Sukma Collector will be released. However it will be interesting to see what the government will sacrifice this time to end the hostage crisis.

MP Sachin or Cricket god?

April 30, 2012 at 4:56 am

Sachin will don two hats now, a cricketer and a politician. This is the first time in the Indian political history that a cricketer has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha. The news of Sachin’s Rajya Sabha nomination has started a debate in the Country and also leaving his fans amused on his decision. The master blaster on one side is supported by a section of the society while on the other side the cricket fraternity is not supporting his decision. The Political and cricket industry seems to be shocked as nobody would have imagined that the cricket god will ever turn towards politics.

Now when the master blaster has decided on to become and MP, the first question which arises is will he be able to attend all the proceedings of the Rajya Sabha? If yes, then what about his cricketing career. His fans in the Country and aboard want to see Sachin hitting fours and sixes in the ground rather than debating in the Parliament. Will he able to do justice with both his responsibilities? Will he survive the Indian political system? There are long list of questions which are unanswered.

Moreover as soon as the news of his Rajya Sabha nomination broke out, various political parties started approaching him to join their parties. Everyone seems to want brand Sachin on board, as it would help those gaining votes in the upcoming elections. But Sachin is yet to decide on which way to go. While some of the political parties have shifted their focus and have led to arise of another debate in the Country, the issue of Sachin being given the Bharat Ratna award and later the Rajya Sabha membership.

One More Dent With the Helicopter Scandal

April 28, 2012 at 5:05 am

One more dent to the UPA’s image, the Helicopter scam.  The UPA Government which is facing an image crisis these days is surrounded with one more scandal. In a recent expose a 350 crore scam happened during the purchase 12 VVIP helicopters from Italian firm Augusta Westland.

As per the reports an Italian newspaper made an expose about the alleged payment of Rs 350 crore as kickbacks by helicopter manufacturer Augusta Westland to a Switzerland-based consultant to facilitate the deal with India. This is not a first instance where a foreign company has paid an amount to get the deal through. Indian armed forces have a history of such procurement even the insiders from the armed forces believe that such deal happens often. This is not a big issue.

The expose comes at a time when the Congress Government is trying hard to rebuild its image and have started preparing for the next elections. The previous dent has cost a lot for the party even the people of the country wants a change in regime. The same was proven in the recent assembly elections held across various states of the Country. Few years back the Indian armed forces also faced similar corruption charges during the procurement of fighter planes but the case was put into cold storage and the issue was never highlighted. Procurement is the major source of corruption in the Armed forces and it’s high time now when the authorities should make some stringent procurement laws to bring transparency in such deals

Bofors Poltergeist is Back

April 28, 2012 at 4:35 am

The bofors case which was in news for many years and led to a greatest embarrassment for the UPA government is now back again. It was due to this scandal that Rajive Gandhi lost the general election in 1989. In a recent statement given by Lindstrom, who was investigating the Bofors-India gun deal, he claimed that though there was no evidence that Rajiv Gandhi had been bribed in the guns deal, the former Prime Minister “watched the massive cover-up” in India and Sweden and “did nothing.” After 25 years of being named in the infamous case Rajiv Gandhi was given a clean chit in this case. The Congress was relieved but the opposition created uproar in the parliament demanding an explanation from the former investigator who revealed.

The latest revelation will help the congress to prove its innocence in front of the Countrymen but the opposition didn’t want Congress to take this credit and thus it has demanded an explanation on this issue. Besides this it also pointed out the closeness of Gandhi family with the main accused in Bofors case Quattrocchi. The opposition is now demanding an fresh look into the whole matter but the government as well as the CBI is not in a mood to reopen the case and dig out the skeletons.

The infamous Bofors case dates back to 1986, where the Swiss arms manufacturer Bofors landed a 15 billion dollar contract to supply Howitzer guns to India. Later on Swiss media reported about massive kickbacks paid to Indian politicians by the Swdish company to get through the deal. Reacting to the reports, then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had assured Parliament that that was not the case.

Key Positions to Young MP’s After Reshuffling in Congress

April 27, 2012 at 4:54 am

The rumors doing rounds of four key ministers leaving the Congress Government was rubbished by the Congress high command. Union Ministers Salman Khurshid, Jairam Ramesh, Vayalar Ravi and Ghulam Nabi Azad offered to resign from their posts to work for the party.

This drama seems to be a tactic by the Congress Government before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. However insiders from the party say that the Congress is looking at large-scale structural changes of bringing younger faces in the next elections to help its poster boy Rahul Gandhi. But finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee denies the issue by saying it’s just a media imagination.

Recently even the Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chauhan met Sonia Gandhi with the proposal of reshuffling the State Cabinet. However decision on this matter is still pending. After the defeat of the Congress in the recent UP elections, the party President Sonia Gandhi is ardent on a huge reshuffle and wants to give the powers to younger members of the party. The reshuffling may take after the three member committee will submit its view. This committee is formed to work on each and every infinitesimal issues of the reshuffling process. The reshuffling if at all it happens will only be done after the Budget Session of Parliament.

According to speculations prevailing around, Sports Minsiter Ajay Maken and Jyotiraditya Scindia will get key position and will showcase the party’s future. A list of MP’s from different states is being shortlisted and Mrs Gandhi is personally looking after the entire process. However the opposition is quite amused by this decision. As it is of-the-opinion that any such changes within the party may help congress gain majority votes in the next upcoming elections.


Relief For Telecom Companies With SC’s New Deadline

April 26, 2012 at 4:51 am

Dictating its verdict on to the biggest corruption case during the ruling congress Government regime the Supreme Court has extended the deadline for auction of cancelled 2G spectrum licences. While extending the auction deadline to August 31, 2012 the apex court also said that these telecom companies can operate till September 7. The decision by the apex court will indeed bring relief to the telecom companies and also customers using the services

Supreme Court of India

The Court has however rejected the centre’s  plea to extend the deadline by 400 days. In its February 2 judgement the court has cancelled all 122 licences in 22 telecom circles and asked the government to auction it in 4 months that is by June2. The Court has also asked the Centre to conduct fresh and transparent auction for the allotment of licences following which the Telecom companies approached the court.  Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) – had also proposed for base price for the spectrum auction.

The licences for the spectrum were issued in 2008 and the whole scam came into highlight when the Income Tax Department started investigating political lobbyist Nira Radia. The Government’s investigation and reaction in the whole case was also questioned as it very partial in nature. The 2G case which led to the arrest of various prominent people from the Congress camp is the biggest scam in Indian history. Janata party president Subramaniam Swamy played an important role in exposing the 2G scam. Swamy further plans to make Sonia Gandhi the beneficiary of the scam as according to him her two sisters also gained benefit from the entire scam.

Supreme Court’s stay: A Sigh of Relief to Bhatt

April 24, 2012 at 4:50 am

Suspended Police officer and Whistle Blower Sanjeev Bhatt now can take a sigh of relief after the Supreme Court’s stay on the proceeding against him. Bhatt has faced a lot of humiliation from his own Government. His only mistake was that he blew a whistle on the role of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the Riots of 2002. Fighting with the people in the powers of the corridors is not an easy task.

Bhatt has risk his life by speaking against Modi. He made a statement about his presence at the CM’s residence on February 27, 2002 during widespread riots in Gujarat. The statement made him pay a hefty fine resulting into his suspension from the police department. Following which he was also taken into custody for allegedly threatening and forcing police constable K D Panth, once his driver, for signing a false affidavit to support his claim. His wife has fought a long battle to prove her husband’s innocence also various people and NGO supported his move but for no use. Moreover the suspended IPS had also claimed to have evidence of Modi’s alleged complicity in the 2002 Gujarat riots and also in the murder of former state’s Home (interior) Minister Haren Pandya.

His claims made him suffer the worst in his life and none of the political parties supported him. He even slammed the state government for failing to protect him despite threats made to his life. This is what happens to a whistle blower in a Country like India where we speak about democracy and equality. Our Government is incapable of protecting those people who are fighting for uproot corruption from the Society. Numerous whistle blowers across the Country faced silent death. But still the Government has turned deaf ears and is unwilling to introduce a strong act to protect these people.