Yoga Guru Vs Parliamentarians

May 4, 2012 at 5:28 am

Parliamentarians were hurt by Ramdev’s latest comment calling them “illiterate”, “robbers” and “murderers”. The media reports were full of reactions from various political parties on the yoga guru’s comment stating it an insult of the Parliament and the parliamentarians.

However if one goes by the track record of the parliamentarians out of 209 there are criminal cases against 162 of them , is this not a insult of India’s highest authority . The Yoga guru tried to make up by clarifying that some good people were also there in Parliament and he respected them but the politicians were amused and want some strict action against him.

What happens when these politicians waive off money in the Parliament or slap a leader like Azmi amidst the proceeding no one take these instances as a insult to the Parliament . But if an outsider like Kejriwal and Ramdev speaks against them this is an insult to the parliament. Is this the way Indian democracy works or this country only belongs to the politicians where the common man has no rights to speak against the wrong doings.

Why the Government is not considering quick deposal of cases against the MPs ? why is a criminal allowed to become a MP and attend the proceedings of the Indian parliament. The numbers have increased despite the elections commissioners’ strict warning of debarring criminal from contesting elections.  The Indian Parliament does not get offended when criminals walk through freely rather it gets offended when people call them criminals.